Tyent Rettin ACE-11 Countertop Water Ionizer in White

Tyent Rettin ACE-11 Countertop Water Ionizer in White

Tyent YT Series Filter Cartridge Bundle
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The Tyent YT ACE 11 is the very latest countertop Ionizer released by Tyent. For those looking for the very best ionizer performance with stunning design appeal the Tyent YT ACE 11 ticks all the right boxes. The Tyent YT ACE 11 is an upgrade of the popular MMP and UCE series machines, this new model features marketing leading 11 Platinum coated titanium electrode plates within an extremely compact design. The ACE 11 also uses a smartphone style interface with Tap Touch technology for quick and easy access to settings. Changing filters is now a breeze with intuitive front loading filter chambers. The premium finish of Tyent YT ACE11 sets it apart from all other countertop ionizers on the market ensuring it will fit in seamlessly in the most discerning kitchen environment.  WaterIonizers.co.uk is the UK’s largest Water Ionizer Retailer and Official UK Retailer & Agent for Tyent Rettin Water Ionizers.

Key Features of the Tyent YT Series ACE 11


  • 11 Platinum coated medical grade titanium electrode Plates
  • Can achieve a pH range of 2.0 pH up to 12.0 pH with negative ORP up to -1155 mV.
  • Stunning design – arguably the best looking ionizer on the market today, the Tyent YT ACE11 takes inspiration from the latest innovations in smartphone and handheld devices. The ionizer features sleek lines with rounded corners and compact footprint
  • much smaller than other more bulky ionizers while the choice of material finish gives a justifying premium look and feel  that would not be out of place in the most lavish kitchen environment    
  • Smartphone style interface with Tap Touch technology – the new interface system features a touch screen 262000 color LCD display, similar to smartphone and handheld devices ensuring easier and faster access to water selections
  • Faster Flow Rate
  • Easy Load Filters – The new Tyent YT ACE11 features an exceptionally easy fitler change process
  • Hydrogen boast – The new Tyent YT ACE11 is pre fitted with max amperage ensuring excellent orp and H2 levels
  • Smart Spout – The easily adjustable spout allows you to install your Ionizer on the left or right side
  • Compact Size: 11.8" W  x 5.3" D x 13.9" H

Product Video

Comparison of the Tyent YT ACE 11 with the Kangen K8 Water Ionizer

What advantages has the 11 plate Tyent ACE-11 over 9 plate water Ionizers

  • An 11 Plate Ionizer is Eco-Friendly, due to an increased flow rate, there is 40% less waste water than on 9-plate ionizers.
  • An 11 Plate ionizer has 27% higher power
  • Can produce 20% lower Turbo acidic levels
  • Can produce 20% better -ORP levels

Tyent YT ACE 11 Dual Water Filtration

The Tyent YT ACE 11 is a dual filtration water ionizer and uses a double Membrane 0.01 Micron Active Carbon /EM Ceramics Filter combined with a 10 Stage Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane Filter.


The primary double Membrane Active Carbon/ EM Ceramics Filter is highly refined (0.01 micron) and is NSF-42 approved and removes heavy metals, asbestos, bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues without filtering important minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Active carbon also removes undesired odorous or flavouring substances and neutralizes chlorine which is often added by the waterworks as a disinfectant.

The secondary filter used in the Tyent YT ACE 11 is the UF Membrane filter.  The 10 step Ultra-Filtration membrane features tiny micro-pores of 0.01um which the water is forced through, the pores of the UF membranes are so tiny that bacteria and viruses are unable to pass through. This filter also removes any remnant chlorine and organic/inorganic compounds using the activation - absorption method generating perfectly clean water for consumption.

Why Choose Tyent Rettin

Tyent Rettin are regarded as one of the world leading Water Ionizer manufacturers. Tyent Water Ionizers are exceptionally well made and robust and are known for their reliability, stunning design and performance. Tyent have always been leaders in design, the stunning smartphone style interface of the Tyent YT ACE 11 sets it apart from all other Ionizer on the market today, while the 11 plates can achieve exceptional pH and ORP metrics. Tyent has been a world leader in water ionizers for over 25 years.

Product Specifications

  • Full digital operation and control
  • Automated self-cleaning process with acoustic signal
  • 2 filter-system: active-carbon / EM ceramics filter and UF membrane filter
  • 11 Platinum coated titanium electrode Plates
  • CE-compliant and ISO 9001:2008
  • All functions are controlled and monitored by a microprocessor
  • Automatic shut off after 5 minutes for safety reasons
  • 2 years domestic warranty
  • 8 pH settings: 4 alkaline levels, 3 acidic levels, 1 neutral level, 1 Turbo level
  • pH range of 2.0 pH up to 12.0 pH
  • negative ORP up to -1155 mV
  • Power: 220 W
  • Flow rate: 2-4 litres per min
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Measurements (WxDxH): 300 x 135 x 353 mm
  • Water pressure: 1 - 5 bar
  • Filter Life: Average 3600 litres / or 9 months




Weight: 5.5 KG

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