How to Install a Countertop Ionizer

Your new water ionizer unit is very simple to install - it can take from as little as 15 minutes to set up, whilst on-going maintenance consists of a 5 minute a year commitment to change the filter. For the quickest installation and to allow you to get familiar with the different settings available on your water ionizing unit, it is simplest to use the ionizer above the counter. Installation in most situations is simply a question of placing the unit above the counter and connecting it up to your tap with the hoses supplied.

With the Melody model it is possible to decide to move the unit underneath the sink at a later date if you choose, but be sure to ask about the availability of under sink fitting kits before purchasing your unit.

Should you have any queries during the installation of your ionizer, telephone support is also on hand from your supplier.

When the ionizer is located above the countertop, there are two methods for supplying cold water to the unit, either with the diverter tap, or the mains connection fitting, both of which are supplied with your ionizer (note the Neptune is not suitable for mains connection fitting use, therefore the fitting is not supplied with this model). Alternatively, the Melody unit can also be neatly tucked away underneath the countertop, whilst the Delphi is designed solely to be used in this way – the table below shows at a glance the different fitting options for each model.

In each case, fitting is quite within the grasp most DIYers, and when undertaken will give you much satisfaction along with the enjoyment of many years of maintenance-free, health-giving drinking water.

Installing the unit above the counter with the diverter tap takes around 10 minutes. With your unit you will receive a diverter tap that screws into the outlet of your tap (perhaps 90% of taps conform to a standard size, and have a removable diffuser nozzle), this is packaged in the same box as the ionizer.

This diverter tap shown here has two positions and simply switches the supply of cold water between the sink and the ioniser.

It easily screws into the outlet end of the spout in place of the water diffuser. To insert, use a plumbers wrench to gently unscrew the diffuser. Then use the collars supplied to find the correct fitting size, and screw the diverter tap back into the body of the spout. The diverter tap has a small push fitting, onto which you slip the supplied cold water supply pipe and route to the ioniser.

Tools required:

  • Plumbers wrench (for loosening the diffuser)
  • Scissors or Stanley knife (for trimming the plastic water pipes)