How to Replace an Ionizer Filter

Changing the filter in a Jupiter Ionizer is easy - nearly as simple as changing the battery in an electrical appliance.

Filter changes are designed to be a user serviceable operation so that unlike an RO system there is no extra expense incurred in having a maintainer carry out the operation.

Aquarius / Delphi / Orion / Athena / Vesta Models:

1) Gain access to the ionizer unit

2) Remove the filter cover at the back of the unit, use slight pressure and friction to slide the cover UP.

3) Remove the existing filter - press it down then pull away at the top from the ioniser unit

4) If there is a filter cup underneath the filter, remove it from the old filter and attach it securely to the new filter(note this is not required in all cases, it will be clear by looking at the filter inlet size at the bottom of the filter whether this is required or not)

5) Insert the filter / filter and adaptor cup - bottom end first, a) pressing the filter downwards into the unit, then b) pushing the top towards the interior, c) finally releasing the spring pressure allowing the filter to spring up into the fitting at the top

6) Rotate the filter 90 degrees to check it is seated completely at top and bottom

7) Replace the filter cover

8) Allow the unit to run for approx 3 or 4 minutes to clear any carbon fines from the filter

9) Reset the filter life counter by pressing and holding the button within the filter compartment

Microlite / Masterpiece / Neptune / Melody

As above, except that:

1) The filter compartment is on the front of the unit

2) the filter compartment door releases through pressure on the edge of the panel, then pulls directly away from the ionizer body