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Our Top Ionizers

If you’d rather not sink hours of your time into research, these are our top water ionizer recommendations that offer the best performance results relative to their price.

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Ionizer Styles

Already done your research? Then by all means dive into our categories and start searching for the model that best suits your needs and expectations.

  • Countertop Ionizers

    Designed to sit next to your sink and connect directly to an existing tap, this style of ionizer is very convenient and easy to install.

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  • Under Sink Ionizers

    Arguably the most elegant solution, this style carries out of the work under the sink and connects to a 2nd independant tap.

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  • Non-Electric Ionizers

    Offering a cheaper way to produce alkaline water, non-electric models can’t quite equal their peers, but still offer many health benefits.

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Find a Replacement Filter Cartridge

Making the right choice when buying an ionizer is critical to ensure you buy a worthwhile model that will actually perform to the necessary standard.

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Learning Centre

Keen to learn more? Then be our guest. We’ve got plenty of useful articles available to help you fully understand water ionizers and alkaline ionized water.

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    Enagic vs AlkaViva, Which Brand is Best?

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  • What is Kangen Water & Is it Superior?
    What is Kangen Water & Is it Superior?

    Kangen water is a term you can’t miss when researching alkaline water or water ionizers. It has an almost deified reputation and as a result, it’s...

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  • How to Get Ionized Water at Home
    How to Get Ionized Water at Home

    So, you’ve read all about alkaline ionized water, and now you want to start drinking it. We can relate, it’s a road we’ve walked down too.How do you g...

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  • Comparing the Best Water Ionizers
    Comparing the Best Water Ionizers

    There are some misconceptions about Kangen and Alkaviva water ionizers that we would like to clear up in this blog post. We want all our customers...

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  • The Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water
    The Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

    An ever-popular topic, alkaline ionized water is often subject to a lot of false information. Some people claim it’s a fad without any scientific basi...

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  • What is Alkaline Ionized Water?
    What is Alkaline Ionized Water?

    Alkaline water has been a topic of much discussion among health professionals over the last couple of decades, which is primarily a result of the v...

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