How to Disconnect an Ionizer

To disconnect your ioniser for any reason, you will need to remove the flexible plastic pipes from their John Guest push fit adaptors.

To remove the hose from the John Guest push fittings, please carefully follow the instructions here.

The picture above shows the pipe and fitting in close up.

The correct method of removal is to ensure the pipe is  fully released before pulling it out and away from the fitting:

  • Unlock the fitting by first pushing in the retaining collar. You can use pliers to help gain purchase on either side of the retaining collar (only to push equally on either side of the collar, not to pull the pipe).
  • An additional technique to help release the collar, is to push the pipe into the fitting, whilst pushing the retaining collar inwards, before then pulling the pipe (whilst still maintaining the pressure on the collar).

When removing the water inlet pipe connecting your ioniser to the mains, it is easier to first release the water pressure by turning off the water supply at the connection tap, then turning the unit on by pressing the power button (Orion, Delphi and Aquarius units) or opening the control tap (Melody unit).

Note, these fittings never need to be forced as this may damage the fitting causing it to leak. If at first the pipe does not release, start again and ensure the retaining collar is fully depressed before attempting once again to ease the pipe out of the fitting.