Citric Acid Ionizer Descaling Kit

Citric Acid Ionizer Descaling Kit



Descaling kit for Countertop Water Ionizers. If you live in a hard water area where you have large amounts of calcium which causes lime scale build up inside your water ionizer it is recommend to descale your water ionizer regularly to ensure  optimum performance.

This kit includes a pump, pump container, citric acid sachets and instructions.

How to use the kit

  • Place the container in the sink. Place the pump in the container and Insert your acidic drain hose onto the adapter to the pump securely.
  • Please ensure to use old/end of life filters in the water ionizer for the decalcification process, do not use new filters.
  • Fill the container with lukewarm water (35°C max.). Plugin the pump so it may pump water into the ionizer until warm water flows out of the flexible steel hose. Turn off the pump. Use this procedure to remove the cold water from the ionizer.
  • Refill the container with lukewarm water and dissolve one bag of citirc acid in it. Turn the pump back on. Position the flexible hose so the decalcifying solution flows into the container. Run this cycle for about 30 - 45 minutes.
  • In order to avoid any damage to the pump, it must always be immersed in water and should never run dry! If the water level lowers, please refill lukewarm water and possibly some descaler.
  • In case a large quantity of scale has collected in the container, please prepare a new decalcification solution and repeat the process.
  • After the decalcification process has been completed, rinse the pump with clear water in order to avoid that any residues remain in the pump.
  • Unplug. Draw the adapter with the hose out of the pump.

Replacement citric acid sachets can be purchased in most supermarkets.
Warranty: 1 year.
Recommended use depends of level of water hardness
Please note if your Ionizer is completely blocked with little or no flow of water through your machine this kit will not work.




Weight: 0.2 KG

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