AlkaViva H2 Series 0.01 UF Filter Bundle


This replacement filter bundle is designed for use with any AlkaViva H2 Series ionizer. This includes the Delphi H2, Vesta H2, Athena H2 and Melody II water ionizers.

This bundle contains a Pre Filter and two 0.01 Micron UF Filters. The Pre Filter should be used in the right-hand side of any compatible ionizer and the 0.01 Micron Filters should be used one at a time in the left-hand side.

The Main Filter has a capacity of 3800 litres and typically last for around 6 months of standard use. The 0.01 Micron Filters have a capacity of 1900 litres and should be replaced twice as frequently as the Main Filter.


Filter Capacity1890 Litres (500 Gallons)
Filter Life3 - 6 Months