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Understanding Hydrogen in Water

Typically, when we are assessing ionizer performance, a lot of the focus is placed on the pH and ORP levels that can be produced and the number of ionizing plates available. Yet, while pH and ORP levels are exceptionally important to measure and understand, ionizer science has moved onwards to place a greater level of focus on Hydrogen (H2) performance.

Hydrogen in water has more recently become a very big deal and it has been shown in over 500 studies to give a therapeutic benefit in 140 health conditions and disease models. Therefore, it is definitely a worthwhile factor to bear in mind when choosing an ionizer and with modern technology improvements, it is now possible to experience impressive levels of molecular Hydrogen in alkaline water without dragging the pH above recommended levels.

Generating Hydrogen

As you may know, the heart of an ionizer is its electrolysis plate bundle and the more plates it has, the more effective it can be. However, what you may not know, is that the plate only makes up half of each water cell found in that bundle. The other half of the bundle is a part known as the ion exchange membrane and when it comes to Hydrogen levels, the membrane is of key importance.

A Modern Improvement

Since it's clear from all current research that molecular Hydrogen is definitely a useful quality of alkaline ionized water, you may be wondering why it hasn't been talked about as much in the past. To that degree, the answer is simple, older ionizers simply couldn't produce it to any significant level. While older and modern ionizers all follow the same process and method, older machines weren't in any way optimised for Hydrogen production. As a result, they were only capable of producing it when set up to produce water at a very high pH, far above the recommended levels for day to day consumption.

The knock-on impact is that molecular Hydrogen in water is a modern topic, that has only become possible through the great advances made in manufacturing technology, allowing for electrolysis plates and membranes to be machined with enough precision to promote the generation of Hydrogen.

Benefits of H2 Hydrogen

The benefits of molecular hydrogen are arguably too numerous to condense so we have focused on some of the more notable impacts from the studies currently available. However, if you'd like to do more reading on the topic, take a look at the US Nation Library of Medicine's review of over 300 different scientific studies that have been conducted so far.

Incredible Antioxidant Power

Exercise requires more oxygen than most activities. Increases in oxygen can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions and cell damage. Oxidation is literally the ageing process while antioxidants prevent or slow down the oxidative damage. Most antioxidants neutralize bad radicals, but they can also neutralize the good ones that your body needs. Molecular Hydrogen selectively targets only the damaging oxygen radicals, leaving behind the good radicals. This makes it a superior antioxidant.

Superior Hydration

When Hydrogen molecules combine with and neutralize damaging oxygen radicals, they are transformed into water (H2O). The knock-on impact is that you are increasing your body's hydration levels without actually drinking more water. Additionally, the ionization process also breaks down clusters of H2O molecules. As a result, when you drink alkaline ionized water, you're drinking water that is formed into microclusters. These microclusters are able to diffuse through the body with greater ease and are easier for cells to use, allowing for faster hydration.

Increase in Energy

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that powers your cells, giving you energy for every action you do. You may well remember learning that in school, but you probably weren't taught that drinking Hydrogen infused water helps to maintain the high ATP production needed during exercise. This is theoretically caused through the superior hydration we just mentioned, but it's a great way to have some more energy for your day without being dependant on caffeine.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

Lactic acid buildup leads to fatigue, muscle damage, decreased endurance, reduced performance, and poor training results. Peer-reviewed research on athletes shows that molecular hydrogen decreases lactic acid levels.

Better Dental Health

A 2014 study showed that hydrogen water can improve gum health, and also help to neutralize acids in your mouth following a meal or snack. For more information see:

Reduction of Diabetes Symptoms

In 2008, a team of Japanese researchers carried out an experiment using 30 subjects with type 2 diabetes. Over an eight week period, the subjects who were given hydrogen-rich water to drink on a daily basis presented with greater levels of improvement in their diabetes-related symptoms. The implications of this research are pretty far-reaching and encouraging! For more information see:

Reduced Cognitive Ability Loss

A recent study using mice as the test subjects showed that mice which drank hydrogen water experienced less neuro-degeneration than the mice which drank regular water. J Clin Biochem Nutr 46:269-76 (2010). For more information see: