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  • Replacement Biostone Filter 0.1Micron

Replacement Biostone Filter 0.1 Micron

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Product Description

The Essential Filter for Your Jupiter Science Ionizer

Biostone 0.1Micron Filter - the most popular filter used in Jupiter Science ionizers. This filter will fit all recent Jupiter models including:

Jupiter Delphi model number: IO400U
Jupiter Athena model number: JS205  (Filter Compartment 2, for Filter Compartment 1 you need the Athena Sediment Filter)
Jupiter Melody model number: JP104
Jupiter Venus model number: JP107
Jupiter Orion model number: JP109
Jupiter Neptune /Microlite Mavello model number: JP101

If you have the Jupiter Vesta model number GL998 please order either the 0.1 Micron Vesta Filter Here > or the Vesta Ultrawater Filter here >

This filter will NOT fit older Jupiter models including the following (if you have any of the units listed below you will need the Biostone M.T. Filter):

Jupiter Technos model number: JM901
Jupiter Ultra Technos model number: JT801
Jupiter Masterpeice model number: JA701
Jupiter Aqua Tonic
Jupiter Regency 2


The Biostone 0.1M Replacement Filter

A silver-impregnated granulated carbon filter with additional calcium and tourmaline. Jupiter Science / Emco Tech quality extends to the revolutionary Biostone filters using NSF certified activated carbon, natural mineral calcium and ceramic filtration certified by the Korean FDA. Filter housing sealing is achieved by using high motion heat friction thereby avoiding the need for any harmful chemicals.

Why Is the Biostone The World Leader?

The Biostone has nine separate stages of filtration. To give you an idea of how fine these filters are - there is over 25,000 microns in one inch meaning there 250,000 0.1 microns in one inch. That's pretty fine to say the least!

The primary filtering media is Granulated Activated Carbon. There is silver impregnated into the carbon to ensure the filter environment remains sterile and because the silver is impregnated into the carbon, it does not leach into the water. Tests done by the Seoul Department of Health show that no silver is released from these filters. The Biostone Filter also includes five fibre layers which provide extra filtration. The Biostone also includes calcium plus a layer of Bioceramic Tourmaline. The calcium is Japanese premium grade and comes from environmentally approved land deposits. The calcium not only helps to slightly remineralise the water but also naturally sweetens the water and changes volatile fluorine molecules into a benign compound (calcium fluoride).

The tourmaline in this patented, state-of-the-art filter really makes a difference to the ability of the water to carry an ionized charge naturally. As the water passes over the tourmaline crystals the ORP is naturally decreased and the water made more bio-available. What this means is when water passes through your Jupiter even in “Purified” mode the water will come out slightly ionised!

How do I know when my filter needs to be replaced?

All the latest Jupiter / Emco Tech ionizers have a digital readout that shows how long before you need to change your filter. A filter typically lasts a family of four between 8 to 9 months and gives a good 1000+ gallons of water. We recommend changing the filter at least once every 12 months to ensure quality performance.

How Long Will My Filter Last?

How often you change your filter will depend on the quality of your water and the amount of water you are using each day on average. A filter typically lasts a family of four between 8 to 9 months and gives a good 1000+ gallons of water. We recommend changing the filter at least once every 12 months to ensure quality performance.

If you smell or taste chlorine in your water after it passes through your ionizer you should change your filter. In some city water supplies the amount of chlorine and other sterilisation chemicals now used is at higher levels than before due to increases in contaminants. Also if you notice that the flow rate through your filter has decreased to a slow rate then it is probably because it is full of particles and now needs replacement.

Contaminant Standard mg/litre Result mg/litre
Potassium Permanganate  10.0  2.70
Lead  0.05  ND
Flouride  1.50  ND
Arsenic  0.05  ND
Cyanide  0.01  ND
Mercury  0.001  ND
Selenium  0.01  ND
Chromium (6+)  0.05  ND
Cadmium  0.01  ND
Phenol  0.005  ND
Diazinon  0.02  ND
Malathion  0.25  ND
Parathion  0.06  ND
Fenitrothion  0.04  ND
1,1,1 Trichloroethane  0.10  ND
Tetrachloroetheylene  0.03  ND
Dichloromethane  0.02  ND
Benzene  0.01  ND
Xylene  0.50  ND
1,1 Dichloroetheylene  0.03  ND
Carbon Tetrachloride  0.002  ND
Metheylene Chrloride  25.0ppm  5ppm
Nitrate  10.0  1.82
Iron  0.30  
Manganese  0.05  
Sodium  20.0  8.00

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