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Jupiter Melody Countertop Water Ionizer

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Melody II Water Ionizer

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The Jupiter Melody is the choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable, reasonably-priced ionizer. The Melody offers top performance and reliaibility and is the world's top seller in the mid-priced ionizer category over the last eight years. AvivaWater is the Official UK Distributor for Jupiter Emco Water Ionizers and AlkaViva.

Product Highlights

  • The Healthiest Water - The Melody offers you top performance, beating other ionizer brands in independent US EPA testing. Click here to see how the Melody compared.
  • Dependability - Backed by a record boasting eight years of trusted service and industry low return rate.
  • The Most Functionality - The patented reversible chamber allows for an automatic water flow regulation so that you can always enjoy alkaline water even while your ionizer is cleaning. Cleaning is automatic and in background. You never have to wait.
  • More Installation Options - Choice of counter top, direct pressure or undersink with a small dedicated faucet (optional undersink kit required).
  • The Greenest Footprint. The Melody's greater efficiency mean it uses little electricity compared to other brands.

Key Features

Much more convenient design and operation compared to other manufacturers more expensive units-

  • Super flexible installation options
  • 5 plate water cell made of platinum/titanium
  • LCD filter use display
  • Efficient auto cleansing system which allows instant water delivery
  • A calcium port to allow for the addition of minerals to the water
  • Voice confirmation if desired to advise of the dispensed water pH
  • 3 different installation options
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Auto stop when water is turned off

Post-operation Auto Cleanse System

The Melody self cleans itself, whilst delivering drinking water on demand with no waiting, in practice delivering as much water as you need, exactly when you need it. Each time you dispense water the Melody undergoes self cleaning, keeping the Titanium Platinum plates clean of any scale build up.


The Melody is the most flexible ionizer in the market for installation. It can be installed in any one of 3 ways, from the quickest 5 minute installation to a very neat undersink solution allowing for the use of a dedicated drinking water tap.

The options are:

  1. Connection to your existing tap spout via a diverter tap (supplied)
  2. Connection to the mains water supply via a mains connection fitting (supplied)
  3. Connection to the mains and dispensing through a separate drinking water tap (optional extra)

Clear Display

You can see each aspect of your water ionizing filtration system at a glance from the neat, friendly and clear display-

  • Filter life
  • Flow rate
  • Water - acid, alkaline or purified
  • Low flow alert
  • Hot water alert

With a display that is colour coded depending upon the water selected, and a voice system that also advises you upon the pH of the water being dispensed, this Jupiter unit has been designed with ease of use and safety foremost in mind.

Buy From A Source You Can Trust

AvivaWater is absolutely focused on the importation, sale and support of Water Ionizers. Our mission is to keep on improving our customer service, and we always go out of our way to make sure that your experience with drinking ionized water and owning a Water Ionizer is second to none. With our extensive training in the fields of health and nutrition, IT Support, product knowledge and customer service, we have the skills to support you 100%. Our business grows upon customer referrals and upon your satisfaction, so rest assured that nothing is more important to us.

Best Filtration

All Jupiter ionizers use the same unique 3 stage bio-stone filter. This incorporates far infrared mineral technology, with very fine 0.1 micron or extra fine 0.01 micron filtration, and a mineral booster. All of these features make these the safest and most effective pre-filters of any water ioniser. It is a snap to change – as easy as changing a battery, you simply order a new one online when the unit advises you that it requires changing. Replacing it yourself, there are no on-going maintenance costs and with typically an annual replacement schedule, the running costs also work out at less than 20 pence per day. Now that is value.

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 6 Kgs.
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Dimensions: 265mm x 140mm x 321mm
  • pH range alkaline: 7.x – 9.5 max
  • pH range acidic: 6.x - 5.x max
  • 2 Year WARRANTY

Owners Manual

Download the Melody Ionizer Owners Manual 2mb >





Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Dimensions265mm (w) x 321mm (h) x 140mm (d)
Number of Plates5
Plate MaterialsPlatinum & Titanium
Warranty2 Year Warranty