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Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the Athena H2 Water Ionizer

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AvivaWater is the Official UK Distributor for Jupiter Emco Water Ionizers and AlkaViva. In US EPA certified lab testing the Athena came out as the best performance ionizer bar none.

Dual Filtration for cleaner water - including the world class Biostone Filtration System, combined with unparalleled durability including the patented DARC Cleaning System, as well as three installation options of: counter top, direct pressure or under sink, make the Athena one of the world's most advanced water ionizers.

The No.1 Counter Top Ionizer

In independent US EPA certified lab testing the Athena came out as the best performance ionizer bar none. The Athena gives you the very best in return on investment by providing: top performance and features combined with ease of use as well as durability and styling. By investing in an Athena you are also buying into the certainty, experience and longevity of Emco Tech, the world's leading manufacturer of ionization technology. When it comes to performance, technology, durability and features, the Athena represents the absolute zenith in countertop ionization.

Don't be fooled by companies the claim high voltages, or high ORP numbers. It is unimportant if an ionizer creates big -ORP numbers at really high levels of pH because the healthiest alkaline water is actually water at the mildly alkaline levels of pH8.5- pH9.5 with good -ORP. Also, for most people, water over a pH10 begins to acquire an unpleasant taste due to the heavy concentration of minerals. So, what is important in an ionizer is performance, efficiency and durability. Of course, the Athena will create the big - ORP numbers at the higher pH ranges if you really need it, but it is designed to give you the best ORP at the lower levels of pH - those being the levels that you will actually enjoy drinking. A reliable ionizer from the world's top manufacturer is where the bang for your buck really is.



The Athena is the only Jupiter Science ionizer that offers an on-board dual filtration capability incorporating a pre-filter as well as the revolutionary Biostone Filtration System which cleans your water to be 99.9% contaminant free.

The Biostone Filtration System - The Athena comes standard with a .1 micron Biostone filter, and is available in a .01 micron upgrade which filters all viral and bacterial contaminants. The upgrade is recommended for those on untreated water sources such as wells. Both filter options clean the water extremely well - yet allow the naturally occurring mineral content to pass through, which is essential for the ionizing process as well as overall 'healthy water'.


The new patented Jupiter Science Mesh Diode Electrode technology allows for the Athena's compact size. Do not be fooled by those manufacturers who claim that a large plate size is the key to effective ionization - it is not. Those who tout large plate sizes (and even large plate numbers) are generally using less advanced and sophisticated technology which is why they need more and bigger plates - and almost always greater power consumption too!


An ionizer is an investment so you will want your investment to last. The electrodes are the crucial component in your ionizer and so keeping them clean is crucial. Most other units on the market clean by what is called reverse polarity, which not only allows some scale buildup (which decreases the efficiency of the electrodes) but also effectively shuts the unit down whilst the cleaning cycle is in progress.

The Athena on the other hand offers the patented new DARC System (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning). This new system completely eliminates mineral scaling from the electrodes ensuring you will experience many years of efficiency from your ionizer. Also, the DARC system "cleans as you ionise", meaning you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete before running the ionizer.

Flexible Installation Options

The Athena offers a flow control valve which allows you to fine tune ionization performance and also gives you true functional control of the water pressure through your ionizer. The flow control also provides for the possibility of three alternate installation options:

  • Option 1 - At your sink with a diverter from the tap (diverter unit fitted to tap head).
  • Option 2 - Plumbed directly to your cold water pipe (no diverter allowing you to operate the Athena whilst running the hot water supply).
  • Option 3 - Under sink (completely out of sight with a small dedicated tap unit - optional under sink kit required).


Performance Features

  • Cutting Edge Electrode Design - Five advanced mesh platinum-titanium electrodes developed as a result of Jupiter Science / Emco Tech's Research and Development over more than 25 years.
  • DARC Cleaning - Completely eliminate mineral scaling from the ever important electrodes - increasing the life of your ionizer. It also means you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to complete before being able to use your ionizer.
  • Biostone Filter System - The performance of functionality of dual filtration including the revolutionary 9-stage filtration from the Biostone Filtration System.
  • MICOM electronics - The MICOM control system optimises the pH and ORP of your water and helps keeps your ionizer in top working condition. An advanced warning indicator light alerts you if your ionizer is in need of a service.
  • LCD Flow Rate Indicator - A beautiful liquid crystal display flickers faster or slower to indicate the rate of water flow through your Athena.
  • Calcium Port- This allows you to add extra calcium to your ionizer. It is important to note that the Delphi is a very strong ionizing unit and will not require the use of extra calcium in most areas. However, some areas have soft water or water that is low in naturally occurring calcium and   other dissolved minerals. The calcium port is intended to boost ionization performance in those areas when necessary.


Protective Features

  • Low Pressure Alarm - Slow water flow can damage any ionizer. The Athena has a built in an LCD alarm that will illuminate should the water pressure fall below safe levels. This feature safe guards the water cell and protects your investment.
  • Temperature Shut Down - The Athena employs a thermal switch in the water cell to shut down the ionization process if the temperature in the cell gets too high.
  • Electrical Protection - The Athena has a glass tube fuse that will protect the expensive circuitry in case of power fluctuations or surge.


Convenient User Friendly Features

  • Voice Confirmation - This feature audibly tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer. This feature is fully adjustable allowing you to turn the volume up, down, or completely off.
  • Alkaline and Acidic Level indicators - The Athena has an LCD indicator which will numerically display the level of ionization you have selected. It also has LCD icons that display the most typical use for a given setting.
  • Dual FND Filter Life Indicator - The Athena offers you a way to track the filter life in each of the two filters. It counts actual filter use; it is not a timer like on less expensive models.
  • Change Filter Reminder - Proper monitoring of your filter performance rather than a simple timer used by other companies.


Also Included

pH Test Kit
Contains test tubes, reagent liquid and a pH colour chart to help you understand the ionizer's performance and so that you can be sure you are drinking the right level of pH.

Installation Kit and User Manual
Comes with everything you will need to perform a standard counter-top installation. Unique or custom installations may require extra parts and or adapters.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage:     240V
  • Weight:     12lbs
  • Overall dimension(H X L X D)     14" X 13" X 6"
  • Inflow Pressure:     35 psi - 80 psi
  • Water Temperature:     40 - 86F
  • Electrolysis Device:     Continuous Electrolysis
  • Setting levels:     9 set /48 programmable
  • Types of Plates     Platinum/Titanium Mesh
  • Water Filtration:     Dual UltraWater System

Owners Manual

Download the Athena Ionizer Owners Manual 2mb >




Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Dimensions317mm (w) x 362mm (h) x 184 mm (d)
Plate MaterialsPlatinum & Titanium

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