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  • AlkaViva Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator
  • AlkaViva Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator
  • AlkaViva Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator
  • AlkaViva Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator
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AlkaViva Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator


Product Description


The Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator from Alkaviva has been designed to produce Hydrogen rich water from any source water type hard or soft with little or no naturally occurring minerals. Unlike a Water Ionizer the Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator will not alter the pH or Alkaline levels of the water but will produce water with H2 / Molecular Hydrogen up to and in excess of 1.2ppm with a negative ORP of up to -750. Avivawater are the official UK and European Distributor for AlkaViva and we are delighted to introduce the new Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator Machine into the UK.

This new breed of H2 Generator makes and dissolves H2 in a water cell similar to a water ionizer. The significant difference is in the membrane. This new technology employs special Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) versus the ion-exchange membranes used in water ionizers.

Many Hydrogen Water Generator Machines are unable to filter water, the Alkaviva Ionpia H2 uses a dual water filtration system and can even be configured with an UltraWater filter for excellent water filtration results. The Ionpia H2 produces no waste water unlike a Water Ionizer which splits the water into Alkaline and Acidic streams.


How the Ionpia H2 Works

Step 1: Clean the water

Only the Ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator offers you the peace of mind that comes from the safety of dual or triple filtration. First, your water is filtered by a sediment filter to remove particles before being filtered by a .01 micron (absolute) hollow membrane technology trapping microorganisms such as bacteria or cysts. The third filter is a high quality carbon block reducing chlorine and other contaminants.

Step 2: Infuse with H2 / Molecular Hydrogen

1st Stage: The Ionpia Purifier supplies virtually calcium-free water to the electrolysis process. It is important because hard water is the enemy of producing high levels of H2. Minerals caught in the H2 Purifier are mixed back with filtered water in the last stage.


2nd and 3rd Stage: The Ionpia H2 Generator contains a highly evolved Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte. This powerful combination allows the hydrogen water generator to produce regardless of whether you have minerals or not in your source water.


4th Stage: The Ionpia Infuser is a unique technology which infuses the highly concentrated H2 back into the filtered water allowing you to drink H2 rich water that is pH neutral.


Ease of Use

Unlike some other hydrogen water generator that produces hydrogen water only after making you wait while they process, the Ionpia H2 is on-demand ready to produce as much H2 - rich Ionpia water as you want, whenever you want. Just push the button and the Ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator will make your H2 water instantly and at a flow rate of 1.1 litres per minute.


Only the Ionpia also has a flow control knob on the front so you can easily adjust the flow rate and strength of your H2 water.

The Ionpia H2 Works With Any Source Water

The Ionpia H2 consistently produces high concentrations - up to and in excess of 1.2ppm of H2 - regardless of whether you have hard or soft source water.

Peace of Mind

Buy with the confidence that comes with your purchase being backed by AlkaViva, the 14+ year-old company who has led the world market for clean and healthy drinking water.


The Benefits of H2 Molecular Hydrogen Water

Over 600 peer-reviewed studies show that Molecular Hydrogen or H2 has a therapeutic benefit in every organ of the human body. Hydrogen positively affects over 150 health conditions / disease models.

Ultimate Antioxidant Power
Free radicals cause cell damage by oxidation. Antioxidants prevent or slow oxidative stress. H2 selectively targets the most damaging oxygen radicals.

Go Longer. Go Stronger.
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the source of your energy that powers your cells. Research shows H2 increases ATP giving you more energy and also helps decrease lactic acid levels. H2 water improves performance and recovery.

Reduce Your Inflammation
Hydroxyl radicals are toxic to your cells, causing pain and inflammation. The H2 neutralises them, easing your aches and pain.

H2 Improves Your Hydration
When H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) – increasing your cellular hydration.

Ionpia H2 Technical Specifications

  • Rate Input Voltage:  AC 95~240V
  • Output Power:  12V /5A /60W
  • Power Supply:  Next Generation SMPS
  • Dimensions:  5.12” x 13.4” x 13.8” (WxHxD)
  • Weight:  9.9 lbs (12.75 Shipped Weight)
  • H2 Production Range:  1.0 - 1.2 ppm
  • ORP Production Range:  -450 to -750
  • Water Pressure Range:  15~90 psi
  • H2 Generation Method:  Hydrogen Cell with Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
  • Generating Capacity:
  • Standard 1.5L/min. at 28psi), Max (3.5L/min. at 90psi)
  • Number of Filters:   Three Filters
  • Filter Composition:  Carbon Filter / .01M Hollow Membrane / Sediment Filter
  • Filter Life:  700 gallons or 8-12 months depending on source water and usage
  • Operation:   One Touch
  • Display:   Operation Indicator Lamp

Ionpia H2 Video -ORP and H2 Test

Choosing between a Water Ionizer or Hydrogen Water Generator

Water ionizers are the most proven way to add the benefits of alkaline, ionized, H2 rich water to your life. If your water is sourced from more natural sources (such as most of the water supply in the UK and Europe) then a water Ionizer still has a number of advantages over a Hydrogen Water Generator, however if you live in a country where the water supply is produced through reverse osmosis, desalination or distillation (such as many countries in the Middle East) and contains little or no minerals then the Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator is an excellent choice for those looking to produce high levels of H2 and –ORP as it does not rely on the variable levels of alkaline minerals in tap water to create H2.

A key difference between a Water Ionizer and Hydrogen Water Generator is that the new H2 Generators creates H2 without raising pH; meaning the device creates H2 but without creating alkaline water. The vast majority of research done on alkaline, ionized water over the past 30+ years has been conducted with water produced by an electric ionizer. Millions of people over the last 35-40 years credit drinking alkaline, ionized water for improving a wide variety of health conditions, providing more energy, clarity and endurance, helping balance the body pH and improving overall wellbeing. Water Ionizers along with producing alkaline water can also produce perfect pH neutral water and strong Acidic water which has a considerable number of benefits in treating numerous skins conditions and being used for disinfecting and sanitising. 

The growing contamination of tap water is not a new story. AlkaViva has spent years perfecting its proprietary, USA-made; UltraWater filtration technology. The UltraWater filters reduces most tap water contaminants by 99.9%, including the most difficult to remove and is documented with independent EPA-certified lab test results. The better H2 generators, including the Ionpia H2, employ a dual filtration system consisting of a carbon block filter and a .01 micron hollow membrane filter. This filtration system will achieve a good reduction of chlorine and other contaminants carbon typically targets, a good reduction of microorganisms (.01m), but a limited contaminant reduction outside of this. Water Ionizers such as the new Alkaviva H2 series offer far superior water filtration.

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