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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say


"The long and short of it is your product is literally worth its weight in gold. And your support is priceless."
Ted Sobers
"Better tasting than all bottled waters and easy to use, with a fantastic pH range for a variety of health and versatile cleaning benefits: a brilliant, ultimately very economical, buy."
"I thought the service was great, Dickon was so helpful - he plumbed in the whole thing for me which i would have definitely struggled with on my own. I really love the taste of water and i use it for everything from cooking, plants to face cleaning."
Tea Aganovich
"My much longed for water ionizer changed my body’s pH so dramatically, that I can’t imagine life without it. I even stopped drinking coffee within 1 week of installing it! I (& all my friends with one) can’t wait to get home after even a weekend away to drink some ‘real’ water.  I need to drink less of it than mineral water (no wasted plastic is a plus) & I really feel it reaching my cells in a matter of minutes. I’ve tried ALL kinds of water & for me, this is it."
Suki Zoe

"It’s surprisingly different, and certainly really pleasant."
Stuart Jackson
'Experiencing robust health since using ioniser, would never drink any other water, not even bottled.'

"After drinking it I felt so vital and amazingly alive."
Jo Eales
"I had arthritis all down one side, which was very painful. Since drinking the water I don’t feel it anymore. It was originally diagnosed through both x-ray and blood tests.... I was recently re-tested, the doctor said there is no trace! My sons were drinking fizzy pops, now they just drink the water because it tastes so good. It is one of the best things I ever bought."
Clive W – Jupiter Microlite owner and 5 year drinker of Alkaline water

"We’re very happy with it, certainly it cleared up my cramps. And the children love it."
Peter Talbot

"Thank you once again for giving such an efficient service - it is greatly appreciated."
Rose Voelcker
"Thank you so much for your support and advise. Good to do business with an ethical company. May your business prosper. Yours most sincerely,"
Anne Cleal

'Please can you convey our thanks to Aviva Water for mending our Delphi so quickly, this was truly superb service as we have got it back within a week and it is now working fine . Many thanks for such efficiency. Best wishes.'
Anna Wright

'Just wanted to write to say that I am very pleased and satisfied with the Delphi water ioniser and to thank you for the very honest and excellent service that I have received from you. I wish you all the very best with Aviva water.'
Ali Al Sari

‘Super service’
Mr R. Price

Note: Reports posted here are in no way implied or warranted indications of the effects of the use of ionized water. Testimonials can only represent the outcome of a treatment or procedure for that individual person. In medical and health services, there are many factors peculiar to each individual patient that will affect the ultimate outcome. If you are in doubt about any health issue you should always contact a registered health practitioner.