Jupiter Vesta GL Countertop Water Ionizer

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AvivaWater are the Official UK Distributor for Jupiter Emco Water Ionizers and AlkaViva. When introduced the Jupiter Vesta Water Ionizer GL was the most advanced Water Ionizer we ever tested and was regarded as the best Water Ionizer in the world. The Vesta GL has been replaced with the all new 2018 AlkaViva Vesta H2, Read more about the new Vesta H2 here>

Using Emco Tech's undisputed world leading ionisation technologies, we are very excited to present the next generation in water ionisers. In the Vesta GL Emco Tech have created an ioniser featuring unparalleled performance, combined with ultimate eco-efficiency to provide you with years of trouble free operation.

Industry-first technologies!

AutoAdjust™ Technology
Automatically adjusts the ionising power giving the best performance and ionisation for your particular water source.

Smart Switch™
The next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.

Dual Biostone Filtration
Ensures peace of mind, knowing your water is not only alkaline and ionised, but cleaned.

Fully automatic post use cleaning – unlike other ionisers, never wait for your alkaline water and protect your investment.

Key Features

  • 9 high-efficiency platinum titanium electrodes deliver more power per square inch than larger less sophisticated electrodes requiring large wattage. Think small. Think efficient.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system
  • Widest range of 274 pH and ORP selections
  • Energy-saving advanced water flow sensor
  • Compact size – smaller than other 9 electrode ionizers
  • Sleek mirror faced elegant design
  • Aesthetic touch screen sensors


Unique to the Vesta GL AutoAdjust™ automatically adjusts the ionisation plates to provide you with the best possible alkaline water according to the minerals present in your source water. Fluctuation in mineral content can occur day to day or even hour by hour, so with the Vesta GL there is no more regular pH testing required to ensure your ioniser is working to peak performance. The Vesta GL is the only ioniser which overcomes this problem automatically and every time it is used.

How It Works

AutoAdjust™ Technology is not just about adjusting the amount of power provided to the ionising plates, it does more than that. AutoAdjust™ Technology actually adjusts the power pulse time in variable short, sharp bursts according to the mineral content in the water. This causes the ionisation plates to act in a far more efficient and effective manner compared to simply increasing the wattage. The result? More active production of oxygen from the electrodes and, therefore, more activated water - resulting in a bigger change in both pH and ORP compared to normal ionisers. No other ioniser can do this.

The principle of AutoAdjust™ is explained in the graph below. The output signal (blue) is compared with the limits (green). These limits correspond to the reference signal (red) which is fed back to the Vesta’s advanced circuitry from the conductivity in your water and, because conductivity is dependent upon the amount and type of mineral content present, the Vesta can establish the most effective and efficient power pulse time required to provide you with the best alkaline water possible relative to the minerals in your water and to the setting selected. Every time the output signal reaches one of these limits, AutoAdjust™ changes the signal or pulse width, sometimes many times a second.


With AutoAdjust™ technology, you always get properly optimised performance according to the water where you live. Every time. Easily. Automatically.

Smart Switch™

The Vesta GL employs the most-advanced Switch Mode Power Supply technology in order to operate its unique AutoAdjust™ feature. Current generations of SMPS offered by other ioniser companies cannot automatically adjust voltage on demand to match varying water conditions. The advanced SMPS used in the Vesta GL is able to deliver that functionality resulting in a genuine benefit when it comes to ionisation performance. SMPS is also known as a power-saving option as it only uses the amount of power necessary.

Biostone Filtration

Patented dual filters consisting of 0.1 micron biostone filters combined with space-fiber technology to efficiently filter almost any tap water. The dual filter system enables superior water filtration; one filter cartridge can be used as a pre-sediment filter to remove larger particles or can be used to target special concerns such are fluoride or heavy metals used conjunction with second biostone or Ultrawater filter. The filter life change indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your filters.


All ionisers have cleaning systems which are crucial to performance and durability, but all cleaning systems are not created equal. One more important advantage of AutoAdjust™, is that calcium and other minerals cannot attach themselves to the electrodes. With the electrodes switching on and off so quickly and pulsing at differing bandwidths, minerals don't have the time or stability to form a bond with the surface of the electrode. Other less sophisticated ioniser brands force you to periodically wait for your alkaline water. The AutoClean reversal mechanism operates in the background of the Vesta GL, always cleaning and never interrupting the flow of alkaline drinking water. You never have to wait or worry. Easy, efficient - and effective!

Advanced Self-Diagnostic MICOM Circuitry System

Allows for continual monitoring of your system and protects your investment. Smart Sensors signal excessive temperatures either from power surge or water temperatures and will automatically shut your ioniser down to protect it.

9 x Titanium / Platinum Plates

Ultra efficient electrodes made of the highest grade Titanium / Platinum for durability and efficient ionisation. Emco Tech plate manufacturing remains state of the art, using proven best-practices - the choice for most ionisers sold worldwide.

Small Footprint


With a modern sleek design, small footprint and elegant black and stainless-look the Vesta will complement any modern kitchen decor. The Emco Tech range of water ionisers has proven over the last several years that bigger is not necessarily better. What matters is the engineering ... how efficiently the electrical amperage is delivered to the electrode. Emco Tech ionisers out perform other brands with more or larger electrodes and higher wattage because, in an Emco Tech ioniser more amps are delivered per square inch of electrode.

Trying to decide between a Jupiter Vesta GL and another Ionizer?

Cathleen LoGrasso of Alkaline water plus in the USA has carried out the most thorough comparison we’ve seen online of the world’s most popular water ionizers, in her tests she has compared the new Vesta GL water ionizer with the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Machine, the Jupiter Athena water ionizer and the Tyent Turbo water ionizer. While all top performing ionizers her test reveal why the Vesta GL is the top performing ionizer available on the market today, you can read her full comparison and test results here - http://www.alkalinewaterplus.com/new-vesta-water-ionizer-compared-enagic-jupiter-tyent/

Technical Specifications

  • Medical Approval No: Korea FDA No.: 3277
  • Product: VESTA GL Alkaline Water Ionizer
  • Model: GL988 (9 plates)
  • Dimensions: 38/15(H) x 30.5/12(W) x 15/6(D) cm/inches
  • Weight: 8/15.5 Kg/lbs
  • Power Supply: AC 220-240V
  • Flow Rate: 3 liters per min
  • Water Pressure: 0.7-5kgf/cm3
  • Electroplates: Solid titanium coated with platinum
  • Electrolysis Process: Continuous flow
  • Warranty - 2 Years domestic use

Owners Manual

Download the Vesta Ionizer Owners Manual 2mb >





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