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Under Sink Water Ionizers

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Under sink or under counter Water Ionizers are perfect for those who prefer a more minimal and clutter free approach and prefer to have their water ionizer installed discreetly under their kitchen sink. Under sink water ionizer installation involves fitting the main body of the water ionizer under your kitchen sink and connecting this directly to your cold water line which in turn feeds water directly to a dedicated Ionizer tap on your countertop . On your countertop you will have a dedicated tap for your water ionizer with an alkaline and acidic outlet. The AlkaViva Jupiter Ultra Delphi Water Ionizer is an excellent value choice and has long been the UK’s best selling Under Sink Water Ionizer with its minimally designed and easy to use touchscreen faucet.   The new 2017 AlkaViva H2 series water Ionizers with market leading performance can also be easily be converted to an under sink configuration using the optional tap accessory. For those looking for beautiful design and performance nothing compares to the world’s bestselling under sink water ionizer the Tyent Rettin UCE-11. Both the Tyent UCE-11 and Tyent UCE-9000 feature a stunning smartphone inspired LED interface with excellent performance.

AvivaWater is the UK’s largest Water Ionizer Retailer and Official UK Retailer & Agent for Alkaviva and Tyent Rettin Water Ionizers.