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Countertop Water Ionizers

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Water Ionizers can typically be installed either on your kitchen countertop by your sink or they can be installed under your kitchen sink with a dedicated tap installed on the countertop. Most people choose to install their Water Ionizer on their countertop. Countertop Water Ionizer installation is very easy and does not require any specialist skills, it also gives you excellent control of your ionizer as you produce Alkaline Water by allowing you to adjust the settings and flow rate during the cycle. Countertop installation normally takes only 10-15mins and involves connecting your water ionizer directly to your kitchen tap using the supplied diverter which attaches to your faucet and then diverts the cold water from your tap to your water ionizer in order to produce Antioxidant rich Alkaline Ionized water. The new 2017 AlkaViva H2 series water ionizers are regarded as best performing countertop water ionizers on the market today, they also have the added benefit of being able to convert into an under sink water ionizer, Please see a comparison of the new Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizers and other leading brands here >