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A Water Ionizer is an amazing health product that changes the pH of water producing Antioxidant rich Alkaline Ionized water with high –ORP and high levels of H2 /Molecular Hydrogen. The health benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized water rich in H2 /Molecular Hydrogen have been shown in over 300 Medical and Scientific studies showing benefits in over 160 health conditions and disease models.  AvivaWater.co.uk is the UK’s Largest and Longest established retailer of Water Ionizers and Alkaline water machines. AvivaWater.co.uk is also the Official UK Distributor and Master European Distributor for AlkaViva Water Ionizers and Jupiter EMCO Water Ionizers. The new 2017 AlkaViva H2 Series Water Ionizers are a breakthrough in Water Ionization technology, the new H2 Water Ionizers produce the world’s highest  –ORP and  H2 /Molecular Hydrogen levels at the recommended drinking water range of pH 9. Please click here to see a comparison of the new Alkaviva H2 Water Ionizers and the other leading Water Ionizers on the market today>