AlkaViva Jupiter BioStone 0.1 MT Filter

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This replacement Biostone filter is only compatible with older Jupiter ionizers. The MT 0.1M Biostone filter fits the following models only:

  •     Jupiter Masterpeice: model number: JA701
  •     Jupiter Technos: model number: JM901
  •     Jupiter Ultra Technos: model number: JT801
  •     Jupiter Aqua Tonic
  •     Jupiter Regency 2


Please note, the MT Biostone is quite a lot larger than the more modern Standard Biostone filter. If in doubt, please measure your existing filter. The Standard Biostone is 22cm high, whereas the MT Biostone is: 25cm tip to tip. Also, the diameter of the MT filter connector at the bottom of the filter is 3cm with two rubber washers as opposed to 2cm and without rubber washers on the Standard Biostone.