AlkaViva EOS Scale Guard Filter


If you live in a hard water area such as London and the South East of England we highly recommend using this limescale inhibitor filter as it will extend the life of your ionizer and help reduce limescale build-up within the machine, as well as acting as a pre-filter, thus extending the life of the internal filtration system.

The NSF certified media in the EOS Filter is highly effective at inhibiting scale formation. By changing the surface charge distribution on the scaling mineral ions, it reduces the attraction thus preventing the scaling effect. It doesn't remove the calcium or magnesium - rather it makes it difficult for them to attract and bind together.

The best way to monitor the life of the EOS scale device is with your filter counter. It is optimal to install your EOS inline filter with your new filter (every 9 months); so you would then replace them at the same time.


Filter Capacity3780 Litres (1000 Gallons)
Filter Life6 - 12 Months

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