AlkaViva Elita Pure Non-Electric Water Ionizer


A typical water ionizer has to be electrically powered in order to effectively alter the pH and ORP of water. However, this no longer has to be the case, and the Elita Pure offers a filter based ionization method unlike any other ionizer. While very different from other AlkaViva models, the Elita can produce water with a pH as high as 9.5, allowing it to provide many of the benefits achieved with high end ionizers.

As with all AlkaViva Ionizers, the Elita Pure offers impressive ORP, pH and H2 levels despite its different filter system. Of course it is not quite as effective as a plate technology ionizer but the Elita’s infusion method allows it to achieve pH levels as high as 9.5 and ORP’s as low as -500 depending on the water source. It can also impact H2 levels and has performance levels of 0.5ppm.

The filter of the Elita Pure lasts for around 700 Gallons of water use and when it stops functioning at the required levels the Elita signals that it needs changing. This is indicated on the top of the device with a small LED that flashes red, allowing for optimal filter changing without wasting any of the filters life.


6 Reasons to Choose the Elita Pure

Impressive pH Alteration - The Elita Pure isn’t able to produce water with a range of pH’s as an electric ionizer would, but it is very good at producing optimal alkaline levels. With a standard pH reading of 9, the Elita Pure offers the recommended drinking level as standard.

Natural Ionization Process - In order to promote the desired changes in water the Elita Pure uses an ionization process based off of studies done into naturally formed alkaline water. This involves alkaline earth minerals being incorporated into the filter, which promote the desired ORP, pH and H2 level changes through ion exchange.

Compact Design - Many ionizers are designed to take up minimal space, but none do this as successfully as the Elita Pure, which can comfortably fit near a sink without taking up large amounts of space.

Price - One thing that is immediately noticeable about the Elita Pure in comparison to electric ionizers is its price. Drastically more affordable than even low plate ionizers this model is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to invest at least £1000 to get alkaline ionized water.

UltraWater Filtration Technology - The UltraWater filter found in the Elita Pure doesn’t just offer the ability to change the properties of water, it also removes a variety of contaminants from it. This includes chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Copper, Pharmaceuticals and VOC’s to name a few.

Easy Filter Replacement - The patented lever system used by the Elita Pure makes for a very easy replacement experience. Pushing the lever to the right will release it, allowing the filter to be replaced, then pushing it back to the left will lock the new filter cartridge securely in place.

H2 Hydrogen Performance

In many cases ionizers are rated purely on the amount of plates they contain and the pH and ORP levels they are able to produce. However, while these aspects are important, ionization technology has grown to also encompass H2 performance. H2 has been shown in over 500 studies to be beneficial with up to 140 health conditions and diseases, making it an increasingly popular feature of good ionizers.

In the past H2 was able to be produced by ionizers, but only at very high pH levels of 10 or above. This put it above recommended drinking parameters, leaving a majority without its benefits. However, AlkaViva have developed technology that allows it to be produced at recommended pH levels of 8 - 9. This even applies to the Elita Pure despite its power free method and at peak performance it can achieve levels of 0.5ppm H2 molecules.

Benefits of H2 Hydrogen

Incredible Antioxidant Power - Exercise requires more oxygen than most activities. Increases in oxygen can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions and cell damage. Oxidation is literally the aging process while antioxidants prevent or slow down the oxidative damage. Most antioxidants neutralize bad radicals, but they can also neutralize the good ones that your body needs. Molecular hydrogen selectively targets only the damaging oxygen radicals, leaving behind the good radicals. This makes it a superior antioxidant.

Improves your Hydration - When H2 molecules combine with and neutralize damaging oxygen radicals, they are transformed into water (H2O) - increasing your cellular hydration. The ionization also creates a light, silky-smooth tasting water that is easy to drink.

Increase in Energy - Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that powers your cells during physical activity. Drinking H2 infused UltraWater helps maintain the high ATP production needed during exercise - providing optimal strength, endurance and recovery.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue - Lactic acid build-up leads to fatigue, muscle damage, decreased endurance, reduced performance, and poor training results. Peer-reviewed research on athletes shows that molecular hydrogen decreases lactic acid levels.

Fight Free Radicals - Drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water is the perfect way to mount a defence against free radicals, which are responsible for oxidization – or decay – within our bodies.

Gum and Dental Health – A 2014 study showed that hydrogen water can improve gum health, and also help to neutralize acids in your mouth following a meal or snack. For more information see -

Hydrogen Water Effect on Diabetes - In 2008, a team of Japanese researchers carried out an experiment using 30 subjects with type 2 diabetes. Over an eight week period, the subjects who were given hydrogen-rich water to drink on a daily basis presented with greater levels of improvement in their diabetes-related symptoms. The implications of this research are pretty far-reaching and encouraging! For more information see -

Alkaline Hydrogen Water Might Help to Prevent the Loss of Cognitive Ability - A recent study using mice as the test subjects, showed that mice which drank hydrogen water experienced less neuro-degeneration than the mice which drank regular water. J Clin Biochem Nutr 46:269-76 (2010). For more information see -

Further Reading on the Benefits of H2 - For more information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2) in water and links to over 300 leading scientific and medical studies please see the following comprehensive review on the US National Library of Medicine -

Useful Design Features

The Elita Pure is built to take up very little counter space and it can fit comfortably near a sink in any kitchen environment. It has a small LED panel keeps track of the gallons of water that have passed through the device. This makes it easy to keep an eye on when the filter may need changing without having to panic buy when the red indicator flashes.

The filter used in the Elita Pure is also very easy to change with a patented lever mechanism that releases the filter from the housing in a single motion. Then when the old filter has been replaced, the lever can be easily locked with minimal physical force.


Model NameElita Pure
Dimensions21.2 cm (D) x 13.0 cm (W) x 31.4 cm (H)
Filter Capacity2650 Litres (700 Gallons)
Filter Life6 - 12 Months
Flow Rate1.5 - 2 Litres per Minute
Max Alkaline pH Level9.5 pH
Max Negative ORP Level-350 mv
Weight2.7 kg
Domestic Warranty1 Year